Indian News Organization Uses AI Research Tool To Strengthen Its Editorial Workflow

Journalistic integrity is a precious commodity these days. In an era of fake news stories and clickbait headlines, the premium on scrupulous research and investigative reporting is high. Even reputable news outlets fall foul of unreliably sourced stories. In the rush to publish under the pressure of the 24/7 news cycle, editorial accuracy gets compromised.

Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Rohit Gandhi is on a mission to produce news content that is as unbiased as it is unflinching in its treatment of the social issues facing India.

“More and more we are seeing the larger media organizations lose credibility because of their bias,” says Rohit, who set up Democracy News Live after a series of senior editorial positions at high-profile news organizations such as CNN and CBC and a storied career as an international correspondent covering South Asia.

Right from the outset, the mission for Democracy News Live was clear: to counter the deluge of plagiarized and derivative content online and to shine a light on social justice issues across India.

Rohit Gandhi brings years of journalistic experience to his latest editorial venture, Democracy News Live.

Here is the challenge Rohit faced: producing well researched, unbiased content takes a lot of time and resources. How could a journalist leverage Artificial Intelligence to research every side of a story?

Research is the “bedrock” of strong editorial for news organizations

Rohit Gandhi and his colleague Vrinda Aggarwal have been working with the Frase team since February 2017, when the AI research platform  was in its infancy. Running a large operation of primarily freelance contributors is a challenge at the best of times, but Frase has helped give DNL’s core team of editorial staffers the research tools they need to ensure strong citation practices to drive their reporting.

The DNL team uses Frase to accelerate their research process.  Frase’s content creation tool has two main components:

According to Rohit, the strong citation practices of the Frase system as well as its ability to source content from YouTube and Twitter make it a powerful, one-stop platform for editorial research. Frase means a news organization no longer needs a research department, Rohit states.

Leverage AI-powered support for video scripting

And it doesn’t stop there: Democracy News Live is particularly active with video content and uses Frase to assist with scripting for its roving reporters as they counter “fake news” narratives with their real-life video accounts. The ease of interaction between Frase’s word processor and its research pane makes it a perfect tool for script creation.

Powered by Frase’s AI research assistant,  scripts can be ideated, researched, developed, and written in the system before the finished copy is shared within the organization. Writers are able to submit completed copy to editors and content managers for review and comment.  Documents can be shared and exported in various formats that accommodate different workflows.

As DNL looks to open up new revenue streams to support its editorial mission, it is testing the waters with sponsored content in the form of original documentaries. Video production is close to the heart for Democracy News Live, as evidenced by Rohit’s extensive career both behind and in front of the camera. Frase helps the organization’s video development flow.

Harness competitive intelligence through media monitoring

Alongside scripting, Democracy News Live understands the power of Frase’s monitor solution, which generates a daily stream of summaries for your topics of interest. DNL writers use Frase monitors to keep them focused and up-to-date on their respective beats.

It is easy to set up comprehensive and state-of-the-art monitoring in Frase for key topics and organizations, then watch the alerts come in. Users can access their monitors at any time within the system, have them emailed to their inbox daily, or view everything within a custom microsite for ease of reading.

In addition to its deployment in the newsroom, Rohit offers the monitor service to third party organizations eager to stay ahead of what is being said about them online. Pairing competitive intelligence with timely editorial research, the Frase monitor feature is best-in-class.

The Frase mobile app allows you to monitor topics and read faster with automatic summarization.

Spanning continents, Frase helps reporters around the globe research better

From editorial research and video scripting to media monitoring, Frase is an integral part of Democracy New Live’s daily operations. It facilitates deeper, more focused research, enforces best citation practices, and supports script creation for video content. For news organizations looking to strengthen their research capabilities, Frase is an invaluable ally.