July 23, 2018

Frase Workflow: how to use automatic summarization in newsletters and content curation

At Frase, we are exploring various use cases for summarization. This post describes how Frase brings the power of automatic summarization to newsletters and content curation programs

If you are like me, you subscribe to newsletters that give you a nicely curated selection of content about topics that matter to you. This content is usually delivered as a list of titles and hyperlinks, which can sometimes be overwhelming if the list is long. Summarization adds value by summarizing the contents inside those selected links, providing convenience and effortless insight to the reader.

The ultimate goal here is to deliver a consistent and cohesive stream of curated contents to our target audience. This process can be fully accomplished in the Frase platform in 3 steps. To illustrate the process, let’s say we wanted to publish a daily round up about the topic of artificial intelligence for SEO:

Customize your media monitors

Customize your own media monitoring system by following topics and publishers of your choosing. In contrast to other feed monitoring tools, Frase goes one step further by summarizing and extracting key topics from the content you monitor.

1. TopicsFrase allows boolean logic and multiple conditions to help you narrow down your target topic. In this case, a simple keyword rule to monitor articles that mention ” artificial intelligence” AND ” search engine optimization” should do the work for us. Depending on the topic you want to follow, you might need to add more keywords, use different boolean operators or add more conditions.

2. Sources: you can either pull from the full Frase index (thousands of publishers, plus Google News or you can customize your own list of rss feeds. I would always recommend building a custom list of blogs and publishers of your interest. In parallel, you can always have a separate monitor to follow more general sources.

Review daily summaries

Once your monitor is up and running, you can browse incoming daily summaries in multiple ways:

1. The Frase app: ideal for reviewing summaries on the go. The app also allows bookmarking and social media sharing.

2. Frase editor: if you are looking to compose a custom daily roundup, you should access your monitor from the Frase editor. This way you can incorporate summaries directly into your document and edit them when needed.

Publish to Mailchimp or WordPress

Once you’ve composed a daily round up out of your monitor summaries, you can publish it directly into your Mailchimp or WordPress accounts.

Interested in leveraging automatic summarization to empower your newsletter and content curation efforts? Try out Frase for free today.

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